Almost daily, the news is overflowing with companies being hacked, personal information being stolen, and citizens under the umbrella of mass surveillance by state and secret services. All this might have you a little worried and your alarm is, in fact, not entirely unfounded.

Vice Motherboard just published a great Guide to Not Getting Hacked, full of small and practical steps you can (and should) take right now to make your digital life a little more secure. Depending on your need for security and level of paranoia, you could start by installing some clever security tools, or by making a habit of storing your phone in the microwave from now on.

I suggest you take a little time to check their guide and follow up on the sections that apply to you. As we know in the Netherlands: you don’t have to buy the most expensive bike lock in the store. Just make sure you get one that’s more expensive than the lock on the bike you park yours next to!