DOCSIS: (better) FASTER (stronger)

Do you have cable internet at home? That’s a pretty fast connection, but you may have noticed that your upload speed is a lot slower than your downloads. Ten times as slow, typically. CableLabs just published a Full Duplex update to their DOCSIS 3.1 standard, allowing cable internet to reach speeds up to 10 Gbit per second for both uploads and downloads. They have more information and a cool video explaining the benefits of Full Duplex on their site.

It may take a few years for this technology to actually reach your corner of the street, but with speeds like these, people may not be very much inclined to switch over to fiber optics technology for their Internet connection for quite a while to come. Even the good old phone line can provide speeds of over 300 Mbit per second nowadays. I still remember learning at university that, by phone, we would never ever go faster than 56kb/s. They had maths to prove it, too. Good old times…

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