Codes & Cats


A word about HTTP status codes: they’re the numbers webservers send back to your browser in response to your requests for webpages and they’re used to let you know if everything went well. Surely you’re familiar with 404 (not found) in case you’re looking for a page that just doesn’t exist, or you may have seen 500 (server error) to indicate not all is well with the webserver. You might also know the one you don’t usually see: 200 (ok) means everything went without a hitch. In fact, there’s lots more status codes that can be used to alert you about all kinds of conditions.

So, while status codes are a small but important part that makes the World Wide Web run, cats are surely another important part! Who needs a boring list to learn more about status codes, when instead we can combine the two. Please click this link to proceed to

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